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Resources for K-12 Teachers & University Facultys
Through images, videos, animations, and instructions for use, this website presents CU Boulder Physics' premiere database of demonstrations and audio-visual items for teaching physics. Live Tables of Contents for each area of physics and a search engine aid navigation of demonstrations only, audio-visual items only, or a combination of both.
Physics Education Technology Project
Outreach from FLC MRC
Programs for HS Students & K-12 Teachers
The FLC MRC Outreach and Education mission is to offer innovative, experiential opportunities and programs to meet the increasing needs for in-depth, inspirational education in contemporary science.
Science Discovery
Teacher Development, Classes, Camps and Kits
Welcome to CU Science Discovery, a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education outreach program at the University of Colorado Boulder. Science Discovery manages programs that engage K-12 students and teachers in STEM and connect public audiences with the STEM research happening here at CU Boulder. Science Discovery programs utilize CU scientific expertise, equipment, resources and faculty, graduate and undergraduate students in order to provide participants with unique, experiential STEM learning experiences
Miramontes Arts
& Sciences Program

Miramontes Arts & Sciences Program
The Miramontes Arts & Sciences Program (MASP) is dedicated to supporting motivated traditionally underrepresented or first generation students who want to be part of a diverse academic community in the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder. MASP is a cooperative and collaborative community that offers a participation scholarship and dedicated space for activities, study and seminars. This challenging and enriching program exposes students to opportunities on campus to enhance their academic experience and provides a supportive community. MASP offers one-credit seminars that foster skills to promote academic success.
Center for Teaching
& Learning

Center for Teaching & Learning
The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) fosters a community of educators dedicated to supporting teaching and learning, a cornerstone of our university. Our goal is to transform our teachers and students in their educational practice, inspire innovative and evidence-based teaching, and create a culture of continuous improvement. Through the CTL, we strive to promote a diverse and inclusive community of educators and learners who serve as the hallmark of our student-centered campus..
Development Program
Pre-Collegiate Development Program
The Pre-Collegiate Development Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder is an institutionally-funded academic enhancement program designed to motivate educationally and/or economically disadvantaged high school youth to complete high school, graduate and successfully matriculate to a choice postsecondary institution. The primary goal of the Program is to adequately prepare educationally and/or economically disadvantaged students for a professional career. In pursuit of this goal, the Pre-Collegiate Development Program will render all possible assistance to the student in an attempt to assist the student in accomplishing the afore-mentioned goals.
CU Upward Bound
Math and Science Center
CU Upward Bound Math and Science Center
The CU Upward Bound Math and Science Center is a six-week summer academic program designed to provide the Native American high school students a university experience, focusing on math and science. The program targets students who are currently freshmen, sophomores or juniors in high school. If students successfully complete the first year they are encouraged to return for a second year. All CUUBMSC students are tracked for six years.
High School
Honors Institute
High School
Honors Institute
The High School Honors Institute is an intensive 4 day campus residential program that introduces engineering to students with strong academic records who are interested in math and science. High school juniors and seniors have an opportunity to experience college life as an engineering student by attending classes of two engineering majors, participating in curricular and extra-curricular activities, and exploring career opportunities.
Engineering Days
Engineering Days
Summer Bridge Program
Summer Bridge Program
The Summer Bridge Program began in 1991 as a two-week program with 12 students, with the objective of providing incoming MEP freshmen with a "jump-start" into their first-year math and science classes. The program has grown into a five-week, in-residence, intensive academic bridge experience, now commonly referred to as an "academic boot camp" that places participating freshmen at an advantage to other freshmen due to the academic and social familiarity gained through the Bridge program experience.
High School Days
High School Days
National Engineers
Week IBM Boulder

National Engineers Week IBM Boulder
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day IBM Boulder
Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day IBM Boulder
Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Material Physics
Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Material Physics
The Boulder 2003 summer school aims to give attendees exposure to some of the most current areas of study in magnetism on both basic and applied fronts.

Theoretical Advanced Study Institute in Elementary Particle Physics